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Q) What are the advantages of purchasing an Express Start Solution?

  • A) The major advantage is price: A complete solution for only $995. Since the solution is already designed, a significant amount of design time is saved, therefore reducing the overall price of your project.

    Another advantage is time: a pre-designed solution usually only takes 3 to 7 business days from the time NEMESIS by Design receives payment to develop and place the solution on the Internet.

Q) What do I receive when I order an Express Start Solution from NEMESIS by Design?

  • A) You will receive the standard installation of the Express Start Solution you have chosen along with all current security patches for that application. You will receive 1 year of web hosting from Las Vegas Web Hosting and a 1 year domain name registration.

Q) Can you make a custom website for me?

  • A) Yes. 90% of NEMESIS by Design's business is designing and developing high-quality, custom websites for our clients. If you are interested in our custom websites, contact a NEMESIS by Design project manager.


Q) What does the $995 include?

  • A) Full installation of the application, domain name registration for 1 year, web hosting for one year. Everything you need to get your site up and running without any reoccurring cost for 1 year.

Q) I would like to make payment by company check. Is that possible?

  • A) Yes. Contact an account representative to find out how.

Q) Do you take partial payments?

  • A) Unfortunately we do not accept partial payments on Express Start Solutions, however we have reduced the cost as must as 1/10 that of a custom application to help ease initial startup cost.


Q) Do you provide any scripts with your Express Start Solutions or is custom programming available?

  • A) Yes, Express Start Solutions are loaded with scripts, in addition there are several scripts that are offered as apart of the hosting that can be user installed or can be installed at an additional hourly charge.

We can do custom programming for an additional fee. We can price any programming needs on an hourly basis.

Q) Will I be able to make updates to my Express Start Solution?

  • A) Yes, That’s the true beauty of NEMESIS Express Start Solutions! Express Start Solutions are database driven with an easy to use user control panel allowing you to edit, publish, and revise your Express Start yourself right from a web browser.

Q) Can NEMESIS by Design change the pictures on the Express Start Solutions and put my own pictures instead?

  • A) Yes, However, that would be considered an additional charge for custom development.

Q) Can I make changes to an Express Start Solution template?

  • A) Yes, again the true beauty of Express Start Solutions. You can log into the Admin section of your Express Start Solution and make changes to the template like changing link names, and working with images to even changing the entire template color scheme.

Q) Can colors of the template match my company's color scheme and logo, or do I have to use the provided color scheme?

  • A) Express Start Solutions are based on pre-designed templates; however NEMESIS by Design can create a custom Express Start design for an additional charge.

Q) What, if any, additional cost would be incurred by adding additional changes to the template that are not already included? How are additional charges determined?

  • A) NEMESIS by Design offers Express Start add on packages that can be added to your Express Start Solution. Custom flash programming, additional pages and/or email are some of the options that can be added to your site for an additional charge. Additional charges are based on a fixed quote or an hourly rate.

Q) How do I provide content for my Express Start Solution?

  • A) Express Start Solutions are standard and content population is not included. However NEMESIS by Design can pre-populate your content for an additional charge. All content can be sent via email or by standard mail. The content should be sent using pc-formatted text and/or graphics via Word, Excel, etc. sent only as soft copy. The content will be uploaded as sent. NEMESIS by Design will not edit or perform spell check on content.

Q) How many edits/revisions, if any, will NEMESIS by Design make to my Express Start Solution before it is completed?

  • A) Express Start Solutions are installed as default without content population eliminating the need to edit/revise. However is additional services are retained such as content population, adjustments are allowed one time to complete your site. Please provide NEMESIS by Design with all revisions in a written format specifying the changes in detail.


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