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Las Vegas Professional Web Developer Comparison Checklist

Web Developer Comparison Checklist
Las Vegas Web Design, Las Vegas Graphic Design, Las Vegas Flash Design, Las Vegas Web Hosting, Las Vegas E-Commerce, Las Vegas Content Management, Las Vegas Corporate Identity, Las Vegas Professional Web Design, Las Vegas Web Development Firm

Web Developer Comparison Checklist

Business History

1. Question - How long have you been in business?

Our Answer, NEMESIS by Design was first launched in August of 2004

2. Question - Are you financially stable and debt free?

Yes, NEMESIS by Design has survived the first year of business debt free and has shown high, continues growth for the past 12 months. (Our earnings have doubled that of 2004) Our increasingly growth is the result of hard work, old fashion determination, and an obsession for quality.

3. Question - How large is your company?

As of August 2005, NEMESIS by design is an integrated network of 10 high standard web designers, Flash developers, creative imagery artists, writers, script writers, database programmers, marketing researchers and strategic planners. NEMESIS by Design offers clients a high level of responsiveness, client attention, and acute level of detail not found in larger firms, while providing a superior level of diverse experience over smaller firms and freelancers.

4. Question - Are you local or national?

Our answer – Currently 2/3 of or our clients are in the Las Vegas, Nevada area, the remaining 1/3 being nationally and a few international as well. We meet all local clients face to face and offer our national and international clients virtual consultation through digital or telephone services. NEMESIS by Design is available to meet clients face to face internationally if the project requires it.

5. Question – Do you outsource your developments/offshore resources?

Our Answer – Periodically NEMESIS by Design may subcontract application developers for specific developments. All subcontracted programmers have to undergo vigorous experience background and reference checks. NEMESIS by Design will never, at no point of time, no matter the circumstances outsource to offshore developers. It is a Firm policy that American Business Money stays in America. Not to mention the poor quality, and lack of communication with offshore developers.


6. Question - How many years have you been building websites?

Our answer – NEMESIS by Design as a business has been developing web projects since May 2004. The President of NEMESIS by Design created his first freelance website in 1999. All our associates have extensive experience with web development with an average of 5 years.

7. Question - How many online solutions have you developed?

Our answer – NEMESIS by Design has developed a total of 29 web developments with approximately 17 multimedia developments, and over 300 graphic design developments. We currently average 2 to 6 developments per months which allow us to give each and every project the level of detail it deserves.

8. Question – Who are the largest companies you have done work for?

Our Answer – While NEMESIS by Design has the capabilities to provide services for Fortune 100/500 companies, NEMESIS by Design has proved to be a leader in small to midsized business development. All of our clients have trusted NEMESIS by Design unconditionally with there online presence.

9. Question - What are your core competencies?

Our Answer – NEMESIS by Design is driven by an obsession to be the best, that obsession is the key to the high rate of success and client satisfaction. We are committed to only offering the highest standards in web development by keeping up to date on the current trends, technologies, and best practices of the internet. All of which has given us a 100% client satisfaction rating.

10. Question - Where can I see samples of your previous work?

Our Answer – We have provided a online portfolio on our website located at: We highly encourage our potential clients to preview our portfolio and even contact our clients inquiring about the services we have provided for them.

11. Question - For what industries have you created web solutions?

Our Answer – NEMESIS by Design does not specialize between industries. We have experience in a vast range of industries and most of our clients are business-to-business services or products providers. We also have several business-to-consumer clients.

Our focus is differentiating companies from their competition. To create differentiation you typically must break industry paradigms that are often perpetuated by industry focused agencies. We work with a broad range of industries to assure that our ability to innovate is not limited by our experience.

12. Question – How do you measure the success of your websites?

Our Answer – The number one equation when measuring the success of a website is client satisfaction. Did we meet and exceed our client’s expectations within the projected budget? Did the client enjoy working hand in hand with our developers to complete their project? Would the client retain our services again?

We use the following mechanisms to measure the success of a website:

Satisfaction Review – At the end of each project NEMESIS by Design ask the client to review our services by giving them the opportunity to tell us how we did in all aspects of their development. While the satisfaction review does not directly evaluate the profitability of the web development, a 100% satisfied client is our number one goal of all our developments.

Goal Evaluation – During the planning stages of a web development we work with the client to set measurable goals for the project. After the website has been launched and adequate time has been given to achieve those goals we evaluate the success of the web development in meeting those goals.

Statistic Reports – After a web development has been launched and the client is 100% satisfied is when our real job begins. NEMESIS by Design monitors the statistics of the web development periodically for one year. These statistic reports give detailed invaluable information about the web development, where it’s going, and where it’s been.

Development Philosophy

13. Question – Do you have a formal process that all projects go through?

Our Answer – Yes, before production begins we assign each project a development manager. The project manager then thoroughly discusses and plans all aspects of the development with the client; all phases of the development are then placed on a timeline that corresponds with the clients deadlines. Each phase evolves into a deliverable that is presented to the client for approval before beginning the next phase. After the project is completed and 100% client satisfaction is achieved we monitor the statistics of the web development to ensure that everything is optimal.

14. Question – What is the client role in the development process?

Our Answer – When NEMESIS by Design is retained for development services, the client is regarded as part of our integrated network. The process is extremely flexible and clients can determine their own individual level of involvement. Some clients want to be involved with every aspect of the development; other clients want the least amount of involvement as possible. This is a decision we leave up to our clients.

15. Question – How will you provide constant communication to me on the status of my project throughout development?

Our Answer – NEMESIS by Design knows the importance if high level communications. We go above and beyond the standards of communications with our clients. All clients are assigned a project manager throughout the entire development. The project manager is the clients single of contact for all communications. NEMESIS by Design offers the following communication avenues.

Meeting face to face - The project manager will meet the client face to face to discuss the progression of the development, usually at the clients place of business (local clients) NEMESIS by Design does offer in person international consultation if the web development requires it.

Telephone Communications – Clients are encouraged to contact NEMESIS by Design through telephone communications during business hours. If the client is unable to call during normal business hours the project manager will schedule a time that is convenient for the client.

Video Conferencing – Geographical limitations and unsynchronized work schedules often prevent in person face to face meetings with our clients. In those events NEMESIS by Design offers high quality video conferencing.

Online Project Management – NEMESIS by Design gives each client the ability to log into our online project management system at any time. The client is then able to review the status of the project.

16. Question - Do I own the code used to create my website?

Our Answer – Yes, after the web development is paid for in full, NEMESIS by Design will release all rights to the end user files. Proprietary source files that may contain engineering secrets such as “.fla” “.psd” “.png” are not included in the end files and are protected. If these files are required by the client, we can negotiate limited terms for licensing the rights to the source files.

17. Question – Will I be able to make changes to my site myself?

Our Answer – Yes, all of our standard web pages are fully tested to work with Macromedia Contribute. Contribute is a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) content management system that allows clients to edit their content much like using a word processor like Microsoft Word. Clients that have experience with HTML can also edit their content directly using FTP access.

For E-Commerce web developments along with other types of application driven web pages the administrator interface will provide the client with the ability to edit content.

18. Question - After I decide I want you to build my website what happens next?

Our Answer – All clients receive a detailed work order contract that will layout deliverables, prices, payment schedules, timelines and project parameters. Once the client signs the work order contract and a retainer is paid, NEMESIS by Design will assign an project manager will begin formalizing the details and project requirements. Clients will also receive access to our online project management system.

19. Question - Who will be assigned to my project team and what are their skill sets?

Our Answer - World-class web development is very complex and demands more skill sets then any one person can practically have. The task requires a blend of strategic, creative, technical, and marketing expertise. Each NEMESIS by Design web development team incorporates multiple specialists to assure the project will produce maximum results.

The project manager will hand pick the team of specialist according to the needs of the client.

This is a typical web development team:

  • Web Strategist (Account/Project Manager)
  • Multiple Creative designers (Graphics and Multimedia Designers)
  • Web Page Coder (HTML/XML, CSS, JavaScript Expert)
  • Technical Lead (Hosting setup, e-commerce, site programming, etc.)
  • Online Marketing Expert

If the project has significant application development, an application development programmers and testers will also be assigned to the project.

20. Question - What are the project manager's primary duties during development?

Our Answer - Assuring that all phases of the project stay within budget and on schedule, facilitate communication between NEMESIS by Design and the client, and achieves 100% client satisfaction.

21. Question – How long will it take to develop my site?

Our Answer - Site development, depends on the type of development. We typically recommend allowing 14 days for standard custom developments. Advanced sites particularly those with extensive programming can take 6 months or more. If a client needs a custom development faster then a predetermined deadline NEMESIS by Design has the resources to offer top priority services for an additional fee.

22. Question - Will I be required to provide materials based on a schedule you provide for me?

Our Answer – Yes, in order to meet a predetermined deadline, NEMESIS by Design will schedule a time frame for all materials to be submitted. If a client does miss a client deliverable deadline, the website delivery date may be delayed. Note: if a client deliverable is missed for any reason the client will not be charged for the developer down time.

23. Question - Will I have a single point-of-contact for any questions or issues I might have during the project?

Our Answer – Yes, clients are assigned a project manager throughout the entire development


24. Question - How much can I expect to pay for a complete website?

Our Answer – The overall cost of a web development project really depends on the type of development, what the client needs are, and any custom functions needed. A typical small business web development can run from $3,000 to $10,000. Custom sites that are exceptionally large, complex, or have extensive pro­gramming can run up to a 6 figure price tag.

For clients on a tight budget that need a solid, productive web development for their business needs, NEMESIS by Design offers business owners NEMESIS Solutions. NEMESIS Solutions are the perfect way to get quality services on a tight budget by streamlining the process for building and maintaining professional quality and standardized production.

NEMESIS Solutions packages are unlike any other value-priced packages. It is an integrated system for your budget, with each component strategically selected by NEMESIS by Design project managers to deliver the most for your dollar.

25. Question - Are there any other support costs associated with a website?

Our Answer – Maintenance costs for typical websites are minimal. Generally the only support cost to the client is hosting and any changes you may need us to make. Hosting typically runs $300 - $450 per year. NEMESIS Solutions include a free year of hosting.

Opposed to the industry trends we enable our clients to maintain their own website if they wish. This can prove to be a significant cost reduction. Of course if the client prefers, we will be available to make changes on an hourly or project basis. Our hourly fees are $65 for content updates, $100 for graphics and text changes and $120 for programming modifications.

More advanced sites may have other on-going cost such as:

  • Service fees for e-commerce transactions – typically around $30/month
  • Yearly SSL renewals
  • Banner Advertising and Pay Per Click search engine marketing

While not technically a website support cost, NEMESIS by Design recommends determining a marketing budget for your site before development. Some clients choose not to do any extra marketing, while others spend considerable amounts on online and offline campaigns that drive large volumes of traffic. Most of our clients have found it beneficial to invest at least $5,000 to $15,000 per year in website marketing. A good starting point for a website marketing budget is 0.1% of total company sales.

26. Question - What payment structure is offered for websites?

Our Answer – Web developments under $15,000 are usually 50% down to start and 50% at project completion. Larger projects will usually require a smaller percentage down (30% typically), payments at mid-project milestones and a final payment on completion (30%-40% typically).

27. Question – How can I be assured I won’t be hit with hidden charges?

Our Answer - We have a proven contract system to assure that our clients always know exactly what there are getting and how much it will be, no surprises ever. We create Work Orders for each significant project that itemizes our deliverables, how much it will cost and how long it will take. If more time is required to complete the Work Order deliverables, we will eat the cost ourselves. In addition, the NEMESIS by Design Project Management System tracks the time spent by project, phase, task and subtask, significantly assuring budgets are met.

Creative & Web Page Development

28. Question – What creative and web page development software do you use?

Our Answer - Macromedia Dreamweaver 8, Flash 8 Pro, and Fireworks 8, Photoshop CS InDesign CS (print), After Effects (video), to name a few.

29. Question – Is your code optimized using open standards?

Our Answer – Yes, we adhere to the W3C standards for HTML/XML, CSS Standards and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Remarkably, less that 5% of high-end websites are W3C standards compliant. While many web developers rely on WYSIWYG web page development software as a shortcut crutch, we have trained our designers to follow coding best practices.

We optimize each page’s code and elements to assure quick loading and proper display across all major browsers and OS’s, and compliance with accessibility standards. In addition W3C complaint code will provide a boost in your search engine rankings. NEMESIS by Design takes great prides on being one of the very few companies in the world that provides clients 100% open source compliant code.

30. Question – In what browsers do you design and test your sites to view correctly?

Our Answer – We have a test lab with multiple operating systems and browsers. Our clients web development will be tested to work properly on the most widely used browsers:

  • Windows IE 6
  • Windows IE 6 High Security Mode
  • Windows Netscape 7.2/Firefox 1.0
  • Windows Opera
  • Macintosh Safari
  • Macintosh Netscape/FireFox

The above browsers represent 99% of all browsers currently used. NEMESIS by design can develop for additional browsers at the request of the client.

In response to the steady rise of alternative browser use, NEMESIS by Design implemented new cross browser coding standards in January 2005. NEMESIS by Design is one of only a few companies that build and test sites for more than 99% of all browsers used today.

31. Question - Are your websites compliant with IE high security mode?

Our Answer – Yes, NEMESIS by Design is one of only a very small number of companies that build and test websites to comply with the U.S. Government’s Computer Emergency Response Team’s recommendation of using IE only in high security mode.

32. Question – Do your websites follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines?

Our Answer – Yes, NEMESIS by Design is fully experienced in developing web developments that follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines upon the clients request.

33. Question - Do you build your websites to be search engine friendly?

Our Answer – Yes, NEMESIS by Design web developments use the highest standards of coding to insure our clients web developments maximize their search engine ranking potential.

Note: While building a search engine friendly site is critical requirement, other factors must be implemented to achieve top level search engine rankings. Link popularity, age of site, level of competition and dozens of other factors also play an important role.

34. Question - Are you able to provide Flash animation?

Our Answer – Yes, we have experienced Flash programmers that can create basically any kind of animation our client’s desire.

35. Question - Are you able to integrate streaming audio and video into your websites?

Our Answer – Yes, We have specialists trained in audio/video editing and compression.

36. Question – Are you able to develop advanced Rich Media Applications in Flash.

Our Answer – Yes, Flash can provide advanced web application interfaces that are user-friendlier and offer superior features than standard HTML based web applications.

37. Question - What other digital mediums are you proficient in?

Our Answer - We are highly proficient in multimedia CD-ROM production, pay per click ad campaigns, email marketing campaigns, banner ad creation and management, search engine optimization, and corporate identity campaigns.

38. Question - Are you able to create interactive CD-ROM presentations?

Our Answer – Yes, we have created several interactive CD-ROM presentations, which are especially effective as product demos and instructional applications.

Application/Technical Development

39. Question – What web application development environment and servers do you use?

Our Answer – Over the past year NEMESIS by Design has worked with all major web enabled languages (Perl/CGI, C++/CGI, PHP, Java/J2EE, ASP/.net and Cold Fusion), most popular databases (MySQL, MS SQL Server, Access)

NEMESIS by Design has developed on Windows and Unix/Linux platforms including; LAMP (Linux/Apache/PHP/MySQL), Windows/IIS. For each new project, we will review the clients requirements, current technical environment and expertise and provide a recommended development environment.

40. Question - What sets application development apart from other development companies?

Our Answer – There are many items but the two most important is efficiency and ability to handle enterprise class applications.

What many business owners do not realize is that almost any person can pick up a book and start hacking web scripts – and there is a world of difference between a hacker and an enterprise class developer. While anyone can get your web form working, it takes years of education and experience to build scaleable, secure, mission critical applications such as financial services, advanced online stores, and vertical market software.

While the typical application may not be large in scale or complexity, it is assuring to know the project will not be limited or suffer performance issues because of the developer’s inexperience.


41. Question - Do you provide hosting?

Our Answer – Yes, we provide state of the art web hosting services through Las Vegas Web Hosting.

42. Question – Do I have to host with you?

Our answer – No, Typically, we recommend that our client’s host with us because we have standardized our servers to have all the services that may be needed for development. 100% of our clients currently do host with us. Some clients may choose to keep their existing hosting companies and some host on-site. We can work with any scenario.

43. Does your hosting offer a control panel to allow me to manage all my web services?

Our answer – All our shared hosting plans come with cPanel. cPanel is a browser based system that integrates web hosting services. It allows clients to manage e-mail configuration, databases, several popular web applications, server statistics and much more.

44. Question - How much space and/or bandwidth do I get with my hosting account?

Our Answer – Las Vegas Web Hosting has provided us with a wide range of service plans to fit all type of budgets. Prices range from $7.95 to $24.95 per month.

45. Question - Do you handle my domain name registration or transfer?

Our answer – Yes, we take care of all our clients domain name registration needs.

46. Question - Do I own the domain name used for my site?

Our Answer - If we acquire the domain name for you, ownership will be transferred to you upon final payment for your website.

47. Question – What steps do you take to prevent loss of my site due to server failure?

Our Answer - All of our servers are in a state-of-the-art hosting facility where they are continuously monitored for problems. If there is ever a problem with a server, techs are available 24 hours a day to respond and correct the problem.

48. Question - What is the guaranteed uptime for your hosting service?

Our Answer – NEMESIS by Design give a 99.9% guaranteed uptime to our clients.


49. Question – In what types of e-commerce are you proficient.

Our Answer – We have provided solutions for all levels of e-commerce including:

  • Simple one-click purchases through Pay-Pal and other credit card gateways
  • Economical off-the-shelf shopping cart software
  • Advanced custom e-commerce solutions

50. Question – If my needs can be fulfilled with a standard off-the-shelf shopping cart which ones do you recommend?

For most applications we recommend osCommerce. osCommerce is the most popular open source shopping cart on the web. Its’ primary advantages are:

  • It is free, licensed as open source software
  • We have the experience to modify the source code to add custom features. With many other shopping carts you can’t modify the source code so you are limited to only the standard feature of the software.
  • It’s proven. osCommerce powers more than an estimated 5,000,000 web pages.

51. Question - Do you provide seamless credit card processing with SSL security?

Our Answer - Yes

52. Question - Does your merchant account service provide direct deposit of funds into my bank account?

Our Answer - Yes

53. Question - How secure is the transaction process provided?

Our Answer - The entire transaction process is secured with the strongest commercially available encryption.

54. Question - Does the card processing system provide address and CCV2 verification?

Our Answer - Yes

55. Question - Does your shopping cart provide a secure administration system where I can change prices, add, and delete products?

Our Answer - Yes

56. Question - Is your shopping cart search engine friendly?

Our Answer - Yes


57. Question - Do you have a proven history of success with search engine marketing (SEM)?

Our Answer – Yes, NEMESIS by Design has 1 year of proven success it is the culmination of more than 5 years of research and hundreds of hours of work.

58. Question - How many websites have you done SEM for?

Our Answer – Virtually all the website we have built since 2004 have had some level of SEM. We have also done campaigns for sites we did not create.

59. Question - In what kind of search engine marketing do you have expertise?

Our Answer – We have expertise with all phases of both organic search and sponsored PPC listings including:

  • Keyword Analysis
  • On Page Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Directory Registrations
  • Sponsored link copy writing
  • PPC bid management
  • ROI analysis

60. Question - Are you able to guarantee a high ranking in the search engines with your search engine optimization strategy?

Our Answer – We do not offer a guarantee for placement. Often “Money Back Guaranteed Placement” is a sign of a scam. The search engine marketing industry is full of scams and false promises, we recommend everybody read Google’s guide whenever you are selecting a search engine optimizer. Read Google's guide here We do offer our clients traffic guarantees, which are superior to placement guarantees, for selected types of campaigns. Inquire with an project manager about traffic guarantees.

61. Question – Will you explain to how you are optimizing our site and what our money is paying for?

Our Answer – Yes, We are always open about our techniques and whether we are using organic (free) optimization or if we are paying for sponsored links.

Many developers want to keep their clients in the dark how they do SEM either to maintain the clients reliance on them or to hide the fact they don’t really know what they are doing. Our approach is very different, we want educated client because the more the client knows about SEM the more successful our projects will be together.

62. Question – Do you strictly adhere to each search engine guidelines to assure my site does not get penalized for spamming?

Our Answer – Yes, We always follow established search engine guidelines to assure we do not damage the value our clients have built into their domain names. Many other firms like to push the ethical limits of SEO or even blazingly break them. These techniques can work in the short term, but will eventually result their clients domain being penalized or removed completely from the search engines.

63. Question – Will your website search engine optimization harm the usability or professionalism of our site?

Our Answer – Yes, NEMESIS by Design prides itself on being one of only a few optimization companies that can achieve quality results without diminishing the integrity of the development.

64. Question – What other ways can you help me market my website?

Our Answer – We have experience with an array of alternative online marketing channels such as banners ads, affiliate programs, online press releases, community building, newsletters, and more.


65. Question – How will my site be maintained?

Our Answer – We plan site maintenance around your needs. Contrary to industry trends, we will enable you to maintain your own website if you wish.

66. Question - Do you provide email support?

Our Answer – Yes, NEMESIS by Design provides our clients with 24 hour email support as well as scheduled live chat support.

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Developer Comparison Checklist - This checklist will help you cut through the marketing smoke and mirrors that some companies use to over charge and hide deficiencies.

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